Thursday, March 24, 2011

Behind the Editor's Desk

Over on, a great blog by Erin Fanning following the teen/tween book market is an interview with me today, in my Hunger Mountain Children's and YA Editor capacity. I had a wonderful phone call with Managing Editor Miciah Bay Gault yesterday and soon Hunger Mountain content is going to be be published online in an ongoing "rolling" fashion so every few weeks or so there will be fresh/new content to keep our readers (over 6k unique hits per month) inspired. And, we are looking for more fabulous fiction, so hop on over to and see what it is we are looking for.

Sneak Peak into the interview:

Who are some of your favorite authors and why? Favorite short stories? Is there a story (or two) that was completely unforgettable… changed your life or outlook in some way?

I recently read a short story cycle manuscript, titled, The Pullout, for a friend and though my opinion was supposed to come as Bethany, friend and fellow critiquer, what I originally thought as I was reading is I have, have, have, to have one of these stories to showcase in the spring issue of Hunger Mountain. The one I choose, that I thought would resonate most from the collection VCFA grad Lindsey Lane is stringing together is a story called The Proposal. Lindsey, who has been known as a picture book writer, did something brave and beautiful in her short story cycle. She went deep and the work she laid bare had a profound affect on me.

** This short story will be coming in the next issue whose theme is: The Varying Shades of Shadows.

Those interested in submitting may see the submission guidelines here:

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