Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Last Last Day

Today is my official last day at the Writers' League of Texas. It's been wonderful to be the behind the scenes gal helping to make the conferences and classes happen. I've loved talking to members and hearing reports of not one but two agents offering representation. I've loved moderating panels and thinking about books and the business all day long. I have. But life took some interesting twists this year and I have some new things to focus on: home, partner, dog, wedding, new work-in-progress, my private teaching, my health and well being. They all rank right up there at number one and we shall see how they inform my days. I will still be blogging, still be writing, still be reading but life is in transition. I didn't foresee the wonder and love that has come into my life (though I did believe in it wholeheartedly) so who knows what is next....A big thanks to the WLT and to Austin for welcoming me and giving me such a great landing space when I first arrived in town. As many know I often end my emails with hugs...so in saying farewell there I end with Hugs!

And if you haven't seen it, yesterday I was interviewed by the lovely Brittney Breakey over at Author Turf. I share a bit about a MG WIP (though my YA WIP--my non-Southern project is now taking center stage creative wise), books I love, and what book has been the hardest to get right. 

Tell us about the book you’re working on.
I am working on a new middle grade—this one is set in a fictional town in Texas (where I now live) instead of Georgia (where I grew up.) The main character, Fancy Melody Monroe, has talked her daddy into moving, trailer and all (he stays strapped into a Lazy Boy recliner as the semi hauls their single-wide from Georgia to Texas, as he has what Fancy calls, “epidermi-no-sunitis,”a condition which causes him to never leave the trailer) to her mama’s hometown of Creation Creek, Texas. Once there, Fancy digs in the dirt—and in the past—looking for clues to where her Mama may have run off to. It’s current working title is, Flights of Fancy and I am loving getting to know Fancy and her hurts and her longings.  Click here for more.

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