Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mr. Mailman

This last weekend, inside an envelope from Random House, was a letter addressed to me via RH from a young lady in California. On pretty pink butterfly stationery was the following note:

Page 1

Dear Bethany Hegedus,

Hello! My name is Audrey. I really wanted to write you a letter because I just read your book Truth with a Capital T. I thought it was amazing!!! I really truly wish that you will write more about Mabelle and Isaac. I like the way you

Page 2

write realistic fiction. I also liked how in the book you made it talk about African Americans and making sure they are important. I also want you to include Ruth, Taylor, and Jimmy (and squeezed in & Granny & Gramps) in another book. Maybe you could call it. I really want you to write about them again. Please read this 5 times and think about it.



Isn't that about the best thing ever? Audrey spelled my very difficult last name right, told me what she liked about the book, and when she was going to suggest to me a new title for this new book she'd like me to think about 5 times--she stopped herself. (Wouldn't you love to know what she wanted to call it? I do. I asked her in my letter back.)

Maybe there is more to come from Maebelle, Isaac, Ruth and those Hillibrand boys--plus Granny & Gramps. Though what is in the locked wing is revealed by book's end I bet you those 5 kids could rustle up some more antics to get involved in. Hmmm...I will think on this 5 times. I promise!