Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Round Up--May Flowers Style

Everyone in Austin has been sneezing--why? It's a year round allergy capital! Did I know this before I moved here? Nope. But although the eyes have been runny, itchy--the throat scratchy--and the head a bit cloudier than usual I wouldn't change the springtime in Austin for any reason.
Not Earth Mother--but yours truly, celebrating a new crop of wildflowers that sprung up after a big rain.

The barn is getting transformed daily into The Writing Barn--a place where writers will write, teachers will teach, and visiting lecturers will lecture.

The kitchen area, under the barn loft,
The loft area.
The floor to ceiling bookshelves. I can stand inside one of the boxes.

Writing wise, I've been tinkering and playing with a new picture book. I have high hopes to dig into a YA WIP when I can fully concentrate on those worlds. Teaching wi, I am working with a bright and capable YA writer and have a few other prospective students waiting in the wings. So despite the itchy eyes--all is well!

Goings on in Awesome Austin

If you missed Chris Barton's book release party for Can I See Your I.D.--don't miss him at the Round Rock, La Fronteria B&N where he will be signing all three of his books tomorrow afternoon from 2-4.

The Diversity in YA Tour's Austin stop was wonderful. Thanks for coming out and thanks for all the books bought after the celebratory conversation.

The Diversity in YA Panel shows off our writing guns.

If you missed the must read post of the week--don't. Head on over to Cynsations and read an interview with Egmont USA publisher Elizabeth Law and talented funny man Allen Zadoff. If you leave a comment, you may win a partial critique from Elizabeth Law! Go comment--now!

Outside Awesome Austin

Sarah Sullivan's new picture book Passing The Music Down was featured in last Sunday's New York Times Book Review. 

Today, Trent Reedy (VCFA grad and former soldier) will be appearing on The Today Show alongside his editor Cheryl Klein, as Trent's novel Words in the Dust has been picked for Al Rocker's Today Show Book Club. Congrats, Trent! (I will try to post a clip after he appears from you tube or from the Today Show.)

Tada! And here's The Today Show clip!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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